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lithe:  \ līth \  adjective   flexible, graceful, agile

beLithe is an organization committed to helping businesses and individuals
be the best they can be through agile, people focused practices.



Interactive learning where lessons are synthesized through immersion. Everything from Scrum to the soft skills stuff, we’ve got you covered.



Every team needs a coach.  And when you’re beginning an agile transformation or looking for a tune-up, having a seasoned expert by your side can be a game-changer.



Ignoring cultural realities can undermine and kill agile initiatives.  We’ve got a simplified framework that will have you eager to take on the challenge of culture management head first.


Ever been to a training where your focus is on trying to stay awake while listening to the trainer drone on? Yep, us too.  Our training is different.  We don’t lecture for hours on end.  We don’t believe true learning happens when we’re talking at you.  You are a part of our interactive training sessions.  The best part?  We have a lot of fun.


Executive & Management Agile Overview

1/2 or 1 day introduction to Agile practices.  This executive overview focuses on the topics most relevant to your vantage point in the organization including ROI of Agile vs traditional methods, the culture of Agile organizations, competing in an ever-changing global market with Agile practices, and new team dynamics and leadership roles.

Who should attend:  executives, leaders, directors and people managers interested in learning more about Agile


Agile Foundations

1/2, 1 or 2 day Agile Overview and Foundations training.  This training covers the key Agile principles while diving into some of the effective lean practices used by teams today including Kanban, Scrum, and XP.  This training is packed full of techniques and tools that work – you will leave energized and excited about all of the possibilities you can incorporate into your team.

Who should attend:  anyone interested in Agile


Scrum for Teams

Scrum for Teams foundations training.  In this hands-on, interactive session, attendees are immersed in the Scrum framework right out of the gate! Learn from the pros.  Our training will have you racing back to your team to implement this tried and true Agile approach.

Who should attend:  anyone interested in learning about Scrum


Scrum Master

Dive deeper into the role of Scrum Master in this session.  Attendees will learn by doing through a variety of simulations and exercises.  And we’re not just talking theory here – we’ve been Scrum Masters and will give you practical, real world tactics you can use immediately in your role on the Scrum team.  Not a Scrum Master but just want to learn more?  No problem.  This training is good for beginners as well as experienced Agilists.

Who should attend:  new Scrum team members, Scrum Masters looking to refresh their knowledge and learn new techniques, anyone interested in learning more about Scrum


Product Owner

The Product Owner is a challenging role which requires skills and knowledge in a variety of areas.  In this training, attendees will understand the Scrum framework and how Product Owners leverage the product backlog to meet business needs.  Other topics include working with your Scrum Master, backlog grooming and refining, and balancing stakeholder requests.  We’ve been Product Owners and understand the struggle!  Let us take the guesswork out of theory-only training and give you seasoned advice on how to be the best Product Owner you can be.

Who should attend:  current Product Owners needing a refresh, anyone interested in learning more about Scrum, Product Managers, future Product Owners


Every team needs a coach.  And when you’re beginning an agile transformation or looking for a tune-up, having a seasoned expert by your side can be a game-changer.



Real world agile experience is important when selecting a coach – not just any coach will do. We’ve been in the trenches on waterfall projects and experienced the death marches. We’ve been developers, testers, project managers, executives, product managers and people managers.


We are passionate about servant leadership and believe at the end of the day, teams, products, and companies are nothing more than the people who make them up. Everything we do is focused on serving the people at every level of business.



There are two kinds of agile coaches, organizational coaches (think workplace culture and soft skills) and technical coaches. We’re unique because we are a hybrid team – we know a successful agile transformation or tune-up won’t happen without both. When you work with us, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.


Agile isn’t something that is just learned one day and implemented the next day. Agility is a journey. We want to help you navigate the waters so that once we leave you and your team have the tools you need to succeed.


Building proficiency in so-called “soft” skills is often overlooked when embarking on the agile journey. Trust us, it will be no time until these skills (or lack thereof) will become a front and center issue your team must address as you move through your agile journey. The reason? No longer will your teams operate under the command and control management style – teams are self-organizing. Now, teammates are empowered and expected to communicate, collaborate, and own things in a whole new way. When forming new agile teams, it’s important to set the team up for success by providing training and coaching on skills that we think are the most difficult to master, including clarity in communication, negotiating conflict, listening (yes, listening!), vulnerability, and self-awareness. These skills may seem like fluff but they are the foundation from which every agile team operates.

agile for all

Agility in the software dev world?  Been there, done that. The agile way is no longer just for software and product teams.  We’ve got experience transforming non-software business functions into transparent, self-driven, agile teams.


Finance and accounting teams.


Human resource and recruitment teams.

Customer Service

Customer service and help desk teams.


IT and infrastructure teams.


Marketing, PR, and corporate communications.


Day-to-day operations teams.

our people

We are here because we are passionate about seeing teams and businesses succeed. We believe in people and we believe in the power of agility.



With experience in both small businesses and the global enterprise, Mike has a solid track record of delivering successful software products on time and with happy teams behind them. Mike’s areas of expertise in agile include working with remote and offshore teams, TDD, XP, and software leadership and management.



Chris has coached teams through Agile transformations in a variety of environments and industries.  With over 20 years experience in executive level positions with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Chris’s background includes extensive experience in software development, strategic planning, project management, sales and operations.  Chris’s leadership through service approach paired with a focus on organizational culture drives teams to success.



With a background directing human resource and cultural transformations before shifting focus to software development, Tana’s unique background provides the foundation for her approach to Agile and cultural transformations – people first, always.

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We’re believers in giving back to our communities.  Pair that with our passion for agile and what have you got?  beLithe Foundation.

We know how powerful agile is and have seen what it can do for individuals and organizations.  We believe that power should not be limited to established businesses.  Our nonprofit organization introduces agility to underrepresented organizations and individuals while giving them the tools to help increase their chances for success by spending time on only the most valuable things, increasing productivity and quality, and responding quickly to change.

Upcoming Foundation Events

Agile Overview

IU Bloomington

Sept. 9, 2015

Scrum Training

IU Bloomington

Sept. 26 & 27, 2015

Scrum Training


Oct. 3 & 4, 2015

our approach

Regardless of what gig we’re working on or whether we’re coaching or training there are a core set of principles from which we operate.  They’re important to us and if you’re considering working with us, we want to make sure our approach is a good fit for your organization.


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